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Bluestone Partners With Aprima To Better Respond To Changing Healthcare Needs

Bluestone partners with Aprima to better respond to changing healthcare needs

Bluestone Physician Services has selected eMDs’ Aprima Software as their new provider of electronic health record (EHR) and practice management (PM) solution. Bluestone carefully selected eMDs out of 25 EHR vendors after and intense 18 month search for the best option. eMDs is creating highly adaptive and customized functionality within the EHR/PM solution. This customized functionality will help Bluestone reach its specific goals surrounding chronic care.

According to Dr. Todd Stivland, the CEO of Bluestone Physician Services, “As Bluestone Physician Services continues to improve chronic disease management and respond to changing healthcare needs, we require more flexibility from our EHR system … eMDs is creating a custom charting platform for Bluestone, which aids us in improving treatment of chronic conditions in the elderly and aging population.” Bluestone will go live with eMDs in Q4 2019 after they phase out of their current EHR. Bluestone Physician Services is excited to see how the eMDs will improve their service and change their company for the better.

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