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Testimonials From Family Members

My wife has been cared for by Bluestone Physicians at Blaine Assisted Living and Memory Care for about two years. Care, compassion, and genuine interest in her well-being have been their watchwords. We are grateful for their services and recommend them to anyone.
H. Picquet

My mother is a patient of the Bluestone team. Since I personally have worked in the geriatric medical field for a number of years, I have operated from, not only a family viewpoint, but also a professional view. The Bluestone physician and practitioners have always been available to speak with about medications and interventions, and the focus upon comfort for mom that we desire. I have been impressed with their genuine interest in Mom and their support of our family. I’m amazed at how responsive this team is to concerns and questions that we have forwarded them. I can’t thank them enough.
C. Colbeck

Bluestone cares for my father at The Rivers in Burnsville, where he lives in assisted care. There are several advantages to signing up a family member for Bluestone medical care: The doctors and nurses between Bluestone and transition work together for the best interests of their patients. They come right to the resident’s apartment to do monthly routine checks and administer treatment, thus eliminating the need for caregivers to take their loved one out to a local clinic or hospital for routine screenings, checkups, blood draws, etc. They work together with our pharmacy in ordering and/or adjusting medications, without me needing to contact the pharmacy directly and/or pick up medications, as they are delivered right to The Rivers. They keep me up-to-date after all visits by either a phone call or email, so I will know right away what’s happening with my dad on any given day. They also allow me to make the final decision(s) on whether or not a change will be made. I have also emailed them with questions, and I get a reply back right away. The Bluestone group is well-trained and specifically focused on the care and needs of the elderly, and I have found them to be very kind and patient when working with my dad, which greatly decreases his anxiety about medical treatment.
L. Haffner

Testimonials From Community Staff

As an RN owner of two residential care homes for elders with memory loss, I greatly appreciate the services that Bluestone offers. Having the ability to contact their team day or night and deliver care to my residents without them having to go to a clinic or ER has been incredibly valuable for maintaining quality and continuity of care. The team knows all of the residents well, and we are able to approach issues (with the inclusion of the residents’ family members) to truly deliver resident-focused medical care.
Jennifer Morgan, MS, RN
Breck Home Residential Care Center, LLC

Bluestone has made our tenants and families lives easier. We have experienced the convenience and ease of “bringing the doctor home”, especially in our memory care unit. Bringing the clinic, lab and radiology into these tenant’s home has decreased stress on families having to transport to multiple clinic visits, as well as prevented further stress on the tenant’s health and mind. The Bluestone team is wonderful, flexible and easy to contact. The portal is extremely handy and easy to use, and the simple fact that family members can stay “in tune” with their loved ones health status has been well received. I would recommend Bluestone to any family or tenant!
Michelle Esler, RN
Director of Nursing
The Legacy of Delano

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