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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions frequently asked by families and communities about the Bluestone model of care.

How does Bluestone care work?

Patients are seen regularly in the comfort of their home by their provider. This type of proactive care for chronic conditions helps avoid unexpected health crises and hospitalizations.

What is Bluestone Bridge™?

The Bridge is an easy-to-use, secure online communication tool which allows members of the patient’s care team (family, nursing staff, Provider Team, etc.) to exchange medically relevant messages or get orders from providers between regular visits. Registered family members receive a health update through the Bridge after every visit. Think of it as an ongoing conversation regarding patient care.

What is the Patient Portal?

The Patient Portal is a separate platform which allows additional access to personal health information. Patients or their Designated Healthcare Agent can use the Patient Portal to access past medical records, visit summaries and billing statements.

What if a patient has a health care need between visits?

The nursing staff and the Provider Team work together, using the Bluestone Bridge, to manage care between visits. The Provider Teams collaborate with the nursing staff to order necessary tests and medication as needed between visits.

What about labs, tests, and prescriptions?

Labs and most tests are done on-site by diagnostic and X-ray services. Providers may order prescriptions through the Bridge, nursing staff, or electronically at the time of visit. Standard copayments apply.

Is there access to specialty care services?

The Bluestone Referral Coordinator can help to coordinate care with specialty care, e.g., cardiology, podiatry, audiology, home care or hospice.

What if a patient has to go to the hospital?

Bluestone works closely with the hospital of the patient’s choice. Provider Teams communicate with hospitalists, TCU and nursing homes on transitions to coordinate patient care. Your Provider Team will continue care upon discharge.

How can the family be involved?

At patient visits, family members are always welcome but are not required to be present. Family members registered on the Bridge will receive an update from the Provider Team after each visit, highlighting any changes in health or treatment. Also, if families have questions or concerns, they can contact the Provider Team through the Bridge.

Is there an additional cost for using Bluestone?

On-site medical care is billed directly to the insurance companies. Standard copayments apply.

What health plans work with Bluestone?

Bluestone Physician Services contracts with most major insurance companies, Medicare and Medical Assistance.

Can patients keep their current primary care provider?

Bluestone would serve the patient’s primary care needs.

How do I sign up to be seen by Bluestone?

Request an enrollment folder from a residential care staff member. Complete, sign and submit enrollment documents by mail or FAX. Forms are also available for downloading and printing here.

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