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High-Risk Patient Management

Bluestone Physician Services provides care to high-risk seniors and people with disabilities in both residential care and community settings. Primary care is provided in residential care settings and a physician-directed patient management program with an interdisciplinary care team is provided in residential community settings.

Daily firsthand experience with high-risk patients drives our refinement and best practices to improve care coordination, increase patient satisfaction and manage costs. Our services support a predictive medical model that directs and coordinates care to help maintain comfort and quality of life for disabled or high-risk patients.

Results From Our Bluestone Programs:


Our Quality Measures

Quality reporting is a buzz word we are hearing a lot about these days. Providing quality medical care has always been a goal for medical groups and physicians alike. However, with new legislation, clinic providers are being required to submit and report on quality data for specific metrics. The rationale behind this is to empower consumers to make informed decisions about their health care.

All primary care clinics are required to submit quality data. While this is a great in theory, the measurement criteria doesn’t always fit the specific population a clinic is serving. Bluestone Physician Services is working actively with the state of Minnesota to create measurements that reflect the care we are providing for our elderly and often very frail population. In the meantime, Bluestone measures the indicators we feel reflect our quality and the population we care for, such as acute hospitalizations and emergency room visit reduction, pharmacy use, and intentional planning for advance directives.

Outlined below are the quality projects Bluestone Physician Services is currently working on:

  • Care Planning: Advance Directives
  • Reducing unnecessary hospitalizations and emergency room visits
  • Patient/family satisfaction
  • Engagement with community/facility staff and teams
  • If you have questions about our commitment to quality care, please call us to discuss.
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