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Geriatric Primary Care

Bluestone Physician Services has provided primary residential care to elderly patients in Minnesota in assisted living and memory home settings since 2006, expanding services to Wisconsin in 2014 and to Florida in 2016. Physician-led provider teams make regular, on-site visits with the goal of improving health, decreasing the severity of medical issues and reducing emergency and hospital admissions.

Superior care for patients

Under Bluestone’s personalized, on-site care, patients:

  • Experience a model of care created specifically for them.
  • Avoid exposure to germs and illness found at traditional clinics.
  • Benefit from collaboration between provider, nursing staff and family through the Bluestone Bridge, an online communication tool.
  • Experience fewer emergency room visits and hospitalizations.
  • Receive proactive care for chronic conditions, including dementia.
  • Enjoy social interaction from provider team visits.
  • Receive proactive, comprehensive care planning with their family and provider to meet their individual needs.

Peace of mind for families

Family members enjoy more quality time with their loved one while spending less time traveling to appointments and sitting in waiting rooms. With on-site lab, X-ray and other support services, the need to leave home is further reduced. With the Bridge, they also have the ability to communicate directly with their Bluestone provider and the rest of the patient care team.

Our Model of Care

Bluestone is committed to continually improving our service of high-risk populations.For patients suffering from chronic disease or special needs, Bluestone will use data and a specialized care team to meet your unique needs. This integrated approach has proven results in reduced hospital and ER admissions and re-admissions, and unnecessary pharmacy utilization.

Provider teams work with all health plans, including Medicare and Medicaid, and Bluestone charges no additional fees to residents or communities for our services.

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