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Telehealth options during COVID-19

In response to COVID-19, Bluestone has rapidly implemented technology and workflows to see our patients via Telehealth when an in-person visit is no longer safe or possible. This means a visit is conducted with video and audio with a Bluestone nurse or staff from the community present.

Our Physicians and Advanced Practice Providers are currently available in all our Assisted Living and Group Home communities to provide telehealth visits.

Will my insurance cover a telehealth visit?
Yes, Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) covers certain telehealth services. For most telehealth services, you’ll pay the same amount that you would if the services were face to face.

How do telehealth visits get conducted?
The visit will be conducted with video and audio with the Bluestone provider with support from a building staff member or Bluestone employee. The Department of Health and Human Services as of March 17, 2020, has allowed telehealth capabilities to expand to other technology platforms like Apple FaceTime, Google Hangout/Duo, Skype, etc. in addition to the Telehealth platforms Bluestone is also using (i.e. VSee). We are also equipped to utilize other telehealth platforms or devices that a community may have on-site.

Can I, as a family member, be present for a telehealth visit?
Like a regular in-person Bluestone visit, please contact your Bluestone provider team either via the Bluestone Bridge or by phone to inform us if you’d like to be present for the visit and we will do our best to accommodate.

How do I, as a nurse/administrator at an Assisted Living or Group Home, access telehealth visits for my building?
Current Bluestone building – Hopefully you have already been contacted by your Bluestone team. If not, please reach out to them via the Bridge or team contact information.
Not currently a Bluestone building? – Please reach out to us via

“As healthcare providers, we need to do everything possible to provide our patients with optimal healthcare while avoiding exposing them to increased risk. We will continue to provide our frail patients with services using whatever methods are available to us as we proceed through this pandemic.”  Dr. Todd Stivland, founder and CEO of Bluestone

Medicare Video on Telehealth Services

Telehealth Forms and Tip Sheets:

Google Meet




Telehealth Consent Form

Download, fill out and return to a Bluestone provider to receive virtual care.

Complete Form Electronically

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