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Selecting your Primary Clinician Instructions

Thank you for your continued trust in Bluestone Physician Services, as your primary care provider. As a valued patient we’re requesting you select your primary care provider through The process of selecting your primary clinician should take less than five minutes if you have an existing account. If not, it’s a few easy steps to sign up. The benefit of having this account is it’s the easiest way to access your information such as claims, coverage and information on your insurance! Please note, this is purely a benefit for you, whether you take action on this will not interrupt or change the care you receive from Bluestone in any way.

Why should I choose a Primary Clinician on English
  • Do you have a account? If not, to register for a account, all it takes is your Medicare ID, Coverage Dates and Date of Birth. To register for your account, click here Upon logging into your account, you can select your primary clinician through the following easy steps:
    1. Select “Find & compare provider near you”
    2. Select “Doctor and clinicians”
      1. Search ’My Location’ (It should begin to auto-fill as you type it it):
        1. Minnesota: Stillwater, MN
        2. Wisconsin: Milwaukee, WI  
      2. Search  ‘Keywords’: 
        1. Minnesota: Bluestone Physician Services PA
        2. Wisconsin Patients: Bluestone Physician Services Wisconsin
    3. Within Bluestone, select your provider through ‘Clinicians and Locations’
      1. if you have questions on who is your primary, please call:
        1. Minnesota: 612-849-1228
        2. Wisconsin: 920-312-2234
    4. Once you have your provider selected, select “Save to Favorites”
Reference Guide English

If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team: 612-849-1228

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