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Bridge & Patient Portal

Bluestone provides two different applications for patients and their families to take an active role in managing patient care: the Bluestone Bridge and the Patient Portal.

Bluestone Bridge:

Accessible to Patient and/or Registered Family Members

The Bridge allows members of the patient’s care team to exchange medically relevant messages between regular visits. Patients or registered family members receive a health update through the Bridge after every visit. Through the Bluestone Bridge, you can communicate directly with your provider team. Access to the Bridge is through the purple button at the top of the site.

Send in the Bluestone Bridge and Patient Portal Registration Form when enrolling in Bluestone Physician Services and begin to take an active role in your or your loved one’s health care.

Bluestone Bridge User Guide

Patient Portal:

Access available to Patient or patient’s Designated Healthcare Agent.

The Patient Portal is a separate platform allowing additional access to personal health information. If you are the patient or the patient’s designated health care agent you will be able to:

  • Request prescription refills and referrals
  • View your health record, including problem list, medications, allergies, labs and diagnostic test results, health history, visit summary
  • Examine your current and past billing statements

Once you have been approved to access the Patient Portal, you will receive an email with log-in information. Use the blue button at the top of this site to access the Patient Portal.

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