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Personalized Patient Care

Bluestone is an innovative, primary care practice delivering on-site care to patients living in assisted living and people with disabilities in both residential and community settings. Our care model consisting of a team approach, regular visits, and proactive care, reduces medical costs and patient stress. Providing care since 2006 for chronically ill, frail, elderly and disabled individuals, Bluestone has proven that personal engagement, quality of care and exceptional service results in high patient and staff satisfaction.

We are dedicated to serving those who are not being well cared for in traditional care settings, as well as leading change to the general healthcare system.

  • Innovation – Providing new on-site care delivery models and technology.
  • Collaboration – Developing relationships with patients, with families and on-site staff – being accessible and involved is the key to our ongoing success. Creating partnerships with community providers, and payers, raising the bar on integration of services.
  • Vision – Leading the way towards better, more sustainable and proactive healthcare systems.

By working here, you have the chance to make a difference in the lives of others. Our success has translated into a rapidly-growing organization, offering career opportunities in recognition of hard work.

Patients & Families

By providing regular, on-site visits in the comfort of the patient’s home, unnecessary visits to the ER and hospital are reduced and the families have increased peace of mind.

Residential Staff Resources

Bluestone collaborates with the community/facility staff to deliver optimum care. We provide support resources to the teams who care for the high-risk patients.

For Payors

Our services focus on high-risk patients through personal engagement, quality of care, and exceptional service and communications.






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