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Bluestone Accountable Care Organization (ACO)

Bluestone Physician Services is participating in Bluestone ACO, an Accountable Care Organization. An ACO is a group of health care providers that work together to improve the quality and experience of care you receive. ACOs receive a portion of any savings that result from reducing costs and meeting quality requirements.

What you need to know

  • Medicare evaluates how well each ACO meets these goals every year. Those ACOs that do a good job can earn a financial bonus. ACOs that earn a bonus may use the payment to invest more in your care or share a portion directly with your providers. ACOs may owe a penalty if their care increases costs.
  • Our participation in Bluestone ACO doesn’t limit your choice of health care providers. Your Medicare benefits are not changing. You still have the right to visit any doctor, hospital or other provider that accepts Medicare at any time, just like you do now.
  • To help us coordinate your health care better, Medicare shares information about your care with your providers. If you don’t want Medicare to share your health care information, call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227).
  • Questions? Contact Bluestone at 877-599-1039 or

Important Documents

ACO Name and Location

Previous names: CURA Health Network, LLC
9822 Tapestry Park Circle
Jacksonville, FL 32246[/vc_column_text]

ACO Primary Contact

Primary Contact Name Nicole Bradberry
Primary Contact Phone Number 904-338-3503
Primary Contact Email Address

Organizational Information

ACO Participants ACO Participant in Joint Venture
Bluestone Physician Services PA N
Bluestone Physician Services Wisconsin SC N
Bluestone Physician Services Florida LLC N

ACO Governing Body

Last Name First Name Title/Position Member’s Voting Power—Expressed as a % or # Membership Type ACO Participant Legal Business Name/DBA, if applicable
Koehler Tim Chief Executive Officer 25% Other (CEO)
Keenan Sarah Chief Operations Officer 25% Other (COO)
Stivland Todd Chief Medical Officer 25% Other (CMO)
Nelsen David Chief Financial Officer 25% Other (CFO)
Hunkins Nate Director of Population Health
Litzenberger Debbie Compliance Officer

Key ACO Clinical and Administrative Leadership

Name Title
Tim Koehler Chief Operations Officer/ACO Executive
Todd Stivland Chief Medical Officer
Sarah Keenan Chief Clinical Officer
David Nelsen Chief Financial Officer
Nate Hunkins Director of Population Health
Debbie Litzenberger Compliance Officer

Associated Committees and Committee Leadership

Committees Committee Chairs
Quality Assurance and Process Improvement Nate Hunkins
Medical Cost and Provider Network David Nelsen
Utilization and Care Management Nate Hunkins
Finance and Compensation David Nelsen
Patient Experience Sarah Keenan

Types of ACO participants, or combination of participants, that formed the ACO

Bluestone Physician Services (MN/WI/FL)

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