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Bluestone’s Model of Care

Tailored to Patients Living with Chronic Conditions

Bluestone Physician Services’ unique, robust model of care goes beyond primary care services. Our model is tailored to patients living with multiple chronic conditions and disabilities. Bluestone recognizes that patients need a customized approach to care that is preventative, proactive and includes all members of the care team. Medical providers, nurses and social workers collaborate with patients’ other healthcare providers and families.

Bluestone has locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, West Florida and East Florida and uses a mobile clinic approach to provide care to patients where they are, including in residential and home-based settings. We utilize simple, effective technology that allows the entire care team to communicate 24/7.

Learn more about Bluestone from founder, Dr. Todd Stivland.

What Does it Look Like to be a Bluestone Patient?

Regularly Scheduled, Proactive Care Visits for Chronic Conditions, Including Dementia

Both in-person and telehealth options ensure patients’ continuation of care.

Effective and Frequent Communication Through the Bluestone Bridge

This innovative, online communication portal allows nurses and providers to communicate 24/7 regarding patient care.

Urgent Care Visits via Telehealth

Telehealth visits with a Bluestone provider can prevent emergency department visits or fill a temporary gap if your primary care provider is not accessible at this time.

Like a Primary Care Clinic, Just Mobile

There are no additional fees associated with our service. We bill your insurance for office visits just like a brick-and-mortar clinic and are contracted with most major Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Bluestone Takes a Proactive, Analytics-driven Approach to Care

Value-Based: Coding optimization and cost management ensure sustainability.

Risk stratification, comprehensive assessment, gaps in care tracking and data drive clinical decision making and improve patient experience.

Examples of Bluestone Care Sites and Programs

Care Sites

  • Assisted Living and Memory Care Settings
  • Group Homes
  • Private Homes


  • Care Management
    • Care Coordination
    • Complex Care Managers
    • Behavioral Health
  • Care Coordination
    • Delegated under Special Needs Plan and state contracts

Additional information

Bluestone Accountable Care Organization

Chronic Care Management 

Wisconsin Market Notice Regarding the Use of Chaperones During Sensitive Exams:
It is Bluestone’s policy that a medical chaperone will be provided for any non-emergent exam that involves the breast, genital, or rectal area, if requested by the patient, activated health care power of attorney, or legal guardian.  For more information please contact our main office or your provider team directly.

Have a Question?


Send a message to your provider on the Bluestone Bridge. Providers return messages Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Messages received outside of normal business hours are also monitored by the on-call provider.


For additional assistance, contact your community staff or call our main office, toll-free.

Minnesota/Wisconsin: 877-599-1039
East Florida: 813-259-1013
West Florida: 844-795-4513

Main Office Hours:
Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Friday, 8 a.m.-3 p.m.

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