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Bluestone’s ADAPT Program

Accountable Care
Disability Competent

Combining medical care, care coordination, and behavioral health services to meet the individual needs of people with disabilities

Bluestone Physician Services’ ADAPT program addresses common barriers people with disabilities and mental health needs face when navigating the health care system. We provide on-site primary care for residents in group homes and assisted living facilities. Our disability competent medical providers and Care Coordinators work daily with individuals of varying health needs, including:

  • Disabilities: developmental, intellectual, and physical – cerebral palsy, quadriplegia, TBI, epilepsy
  • Mental Health: depression, schizophrenia, anxiety
  • Chronic Conditions: dementia, hypertension, diabetes, COPD, CHF, arthritis, incontinence

Bluestone ADAPT Program vs. Traditional Systems of Care

Bluestone’s ADAPT care model removes barriers to medical care for people with disabilities and mental health needs while maintaining the standard benefits of a traditional primary care clinic

What are the main components of the Bluestone ADAPT Program?

Primary Care – Bluestone’s physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants specialize in the unique needs of patients with disabilities. They provide primary care services on-site or via telehealth, eliminating the need for staff to transport residents and keeping the patient comfortable in their own home. Services include:

  • Routinely scheduled preventative and acute medical care
  • Referral coordination
  • Partnerships with local specialty clinics
  • Ancillary services (labs, imaging, etc.)

Care Coordination (available through Minnesota’s SNBC & MSHO programs)Bluestone Care Coordinators (RN or LSW) assess a person’s physical, mental and social determinants of health. Care Coordinators can facilitate services and communication across the care team while keeping the best interests of the patient in mind. While other Care Managers provide episodic support, a Care Coordinator supports a patient long term to ensure all needs are met. Services include:

  • Annual health risk assessments and care plan development
  • Navigating health plan benefits and answering insurance questions
  • Scheduling outside resources and arranging medical transportation
  • Ordering durable medical equipment and completing authorizations and benefit exceptions

Behavioral Health Services – Bluestone provides a dual approach to managing psychiatric diagnoses and behaviors.

Licensed psychiatry team involved through medication management, monitoring behaviors, and collaboration with Bluestone Provider and Care Managers
Behavioral Health Care managers, available to patients on Medicare, offer non-pharmacological strategies and interventions for behaviors. They provide education and support to staff and family, and collaborate with Bluestone’s primary and psych provider.

Why Bluestone?

Bluestone has a long history of successfully partnering with residential and community service providers to improve medical services for those in the community who are the most frail and medically complex. Our proven model of care focuses on optimizing patient experience, reducing costs and enhancing the health of patients wherever they are in their health journey.


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