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To access your records, please click on the appropriate link below, based on your Bluestone provider.


Your unique username and a password formula will be sent to you in the mail. If you don’t have your letter or have issues logging in, please call 651-571-3495.

Abrahamson, April
Adams, Joy
Bauer, Leah
Bohn, Sara
Brendel, Kelly
Bruders, Elly
Bryant, Jennifer
Cowell, Natalie
Demery, Patricia
Dilts, Steve
Evers, Jason
Fiedler, Allie
Fitzsimmons, Carrie
Fofana, Rhea
Fort, Amy
Gonnion, Shannon
Hallock, Kate
Hatlestad, Preston
Heins, Katie
Hemmer, Kelly
Holm, Todd
Horgen, Heather
King, Sussy
Larrabee, Michelene
Lewis, Liz
Liedtke, Robert
Logan, Matthew
Long, Kourtny
Maas, Andy
McFarlane, Kelsey
Miller, Kelli Jo
Miller, Yvette
Moon, Emily
O’Gara, Josephine
Papermaster, Nicole
Passalacqua, Teresa
Peterson, Katie
Pett-Taylor, Heather
Phelps, Jan
Rakke, Tami
Reff, Mary
Roberts, Ericka
Sanner, Leah
Shah, Manisha
Siegle, Jennifer
Tavs, Stephanie
Tomaszewski, Kelly
Traeger, Brian
Waks, Jessie
Wichgers, Terri
Williams, Laura
Wu, Zheng-Hao


Your username and password are the same. If you have issues logging in, please call 651-209-7761.

Abreu Read, Silvia
Asuncion, Melissa
Chan, Ginie
Cowell, Natalie
Cummings, James
De La Cruz, Marijo
DiLorenzo, Jamie
Earp, Paula
Fioret, Philip
Guerrier, Lotricia
Harper, William
Hayatyfar, Sebastian
Hudson, Nelsy
Jeyabarath, Ananthi
Kichline, Andrea
Laden, Laurel
Matulis, Kristen
Mostajabian, Ghazel
Murphy, John
Nash, Richard
Osorio, Ramon
Patel, Hetal
Pollock, Catherine
Richter, Courtney
Risso, Christina
Schlau, Heather
Schmitt, Carolyn
Schwake, Katie
Smith, Nancy
Springer, Deanna
Stanislawski, Anna
Stewart, Dina
Stockheimer, Kari
Sweeting, Courtney
Ta, Steve
Veve, Vanessa
Villa, Sara
Vukmanich, Cheryl
Whitcomb, Deborah
Wood, Kandi
Zaun, Shelley

Why are there two places to log in now?

This change is temporary, due to Bluestone changing the software used to manage its electronic patient health records. This will mean a number of positive changes for you and your loved ones. The most immediate and obvious change is a new and improved patient portal, where you access medical records. Provider teams will migrate their patients from the old system to the new on a rolling basis between Nov. 1, 2019 and May 1, 2020. After May 1, all medical records will be available via one login screen.


For additional questions regarding this transition, or if you have problems accessing your Portal records, please contact us at 651-571-3495.

Please note that any past medical records not available on the new portal will still be accessible on the former portal. To access those records, visit the past patient portal and use your old login credentials. 

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