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Dr. Stivland discusses the future of elderly care with the HCCI

Dr. Todd Stivland, CEO of Bluestone Physician Services, sat down with the Home Centered Care Institute (HCCI) to share ideas for improving the healthcare system for the frail and elderly. The HCCI is an advocate for home-based primary care in the United States.

In the video interview below, Dr. Stivland recalls the moment that led him, as a physician, to rethink the way care was provided to the elderly—which eventually led him to create Bluestone.

“One of the turning points in my career was the day an elderly woman was dropped off at our clinic,” says Stivland in the video. The woman had advanced dementia and was living in a nearby assisted living facility. Clinic staff didn’t have any of her medical records or reason for her visit; just a note pinned to her lapel with the number of the cab company to send her home.

“That’s no way to practice medicine,” Dr. Stivland says.

Dr. Stivland also discusses how to make home-based care more accessible and what healthcare policymakers and payers can do to improve the system.

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