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About Bluestone Physician Services


Our Mission
Our mission is to bring the highest-quality health care directly to residents in assisted living communities, memory care, and group home communities. By using the latest medical advances, technology, and collaboration with community/facility staff, patients, and their families, we have developed an unsurpassed care model for residential patients. We treat our patients with kindness and respect, recognizing their individuality, and working with them and all involved caregivers to provide optimal health care, supporting their independence.

Bluestone Physician Services (BPS) has provided on-site care in residential settings since 2006. Bluestone began providing on-site care in Brain Injury and Psychiatric group home settings and expanded to Assisted Living and Memory Care settings. As the largest provider of residential-based care in the Twin Cities area, primary care is provided to over 4,000 high-risk patients through on-site medical teams.   Bluestone also serves the Eastern Wisconsin region and the Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville Florida areas.  In addition to primary care, Bluestone has a highly developed care coordination model for seniors and people with disabilities throughout Minnesota, serving over 2000 people with disabilities in the community.

Bluestone Physician Services employs over 200 staff, serves around 500 assisted-living facilities, and provides both virtual and on-site psychiatric care.  BPS’s governance and organizational structure is an independent physician practice.

BPS developed the Bluestone Bridge™ an online communication and reporting portal, designed specifically to meet the needs of the residential care community.  This technology facilitates efficient and timely communication across the care team, provides families and community staff with virtual physician access, and supplies reporting capacity.

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